Foster v. North
Supreme Judicial Court
July 1790
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Summons of Witnesses (front)

ss. } To (Daniel Long Esq. Isaac Savag,
Joseph Weston
John Barrel
Daniel Pollard yeoman Daniel Savag Gent.

Benjamin Brown
yeoman all
of Hallowell
in said county

} You are hereby required, in the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to make your Appearance before the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court, to be holden at Pownalborough within and for the County of Lincoln on the first Tuesday of July Instn to give Evidence of what you know relating to an Action then and there to be heard and tried, betwixt the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Plaintiff & Joseph North Esq.(Defendant)
    Hereof fail not, as you will answer your Default under the Pains and Penalty in the Law in that Behalf made and provided.
      Dated at Pownalborough the tenth Day of July
       in the Year of our L O R D, 1790
  -- Cha.s Cushing Clerk