Martha Ballard's Diary, March 1 - 9, 1812

1 1
Clear & pleasant. I returnd home this morn, left my patients Cleverly. I have done my hous work & read Some. Betsy Town & Martha Ballard walkt from Son Jonas up here, were fatagued. at John Shaws. Betsy Town & MartaBallard Came here.  
2 2
Clear. the Sun Shone pleasant but the aire Cold. Dagt Ballard, James & Eliza Came here. Jona Junr Sett out for Clinton. Gidion & Luke Barton Came at Evn, took Tea and Conducted my dagt and Childn home. Linda went to O. Wimans, he brot his wife home. Betsy made me a Cap, Shee Sleeps here. at home. Dagt Balld here, Gidion & Luke Bartn allso.  
3 3
Clear but Cold. Ephm & Hannah Came from Clinton, Shee went to her Fathers. mrss Sands Came here. Abner Came back. I had a Severe ague fitt in the night. at home. Hannah Came from Clinton.  
4 4
Birth S Babcocks first Dagt & 5 th Child.
Clear, wind South. I have been unwel all day. Selvanas Hatch & wife, Old mrs Butterfield & Betsy Andrews here. I was Calld at Evng to See the wife of Saml Babcock 3d, found her put to bed with her 1st Dagt & 5th Child by her prest husband. I tarried all night. at Saml Babcocks. Birth 6th. Son Jona is 49 yearsold ys day.  
5 5
Clear and very pleasant. I returnd home between 11 & 12 am, find my Dagts have been here. mr Pollard, his wife, Dolly and Catharine Calld at Evng. mr Gower brot us 42_ lb pork a 9d, 13_ Chese at 9d, 14_ Butter a 1s and took up a note which he gave mr Ballard last June 27th. at ditoes. Childn Calld here. mr Hatch& wife left here. James Gower here, Paid what he owed us.  
6 6
Birth A. Masons 5th Son.
Clear. we went to Lecture & Son Ephms. I was Calld to Asa Masons Soon after I reacht home. his wife was Deld of a Son, her 9 Child 5th Son at 11h Evng. at Leclure, Son Ephms & A. Masons. Birth 7th
7 7
Clear. I returnd fm Masons, felt Some Fatagued. Son Jonas famely Came up here last night, he Came this night. at Masons.  
8 1
Clear. we went to meeting, it was Communion day. mr Heath & wife here at Evng, Betsy Wiman allso. at meeting & Son Ephms. mr Heath here, Son Cyrus allso.  
9 2
Clear. I have done houswork. Son Cyrus was at the Settlement. I Sent by him for 2/1 gln Spirit. Hannah & Epm Sett out for Clinton.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.