Martha Ballard's Diary, February 19 - 29, 1812

19 4
Clear Except A Squall of Snow about noone. I have been at home. Jona Sleeps here. at [home].  
20 5
Clear and Cold. mr Linsa Foss, mr Millet & wife Calld here. I went to our hous and brot a Plan of Livermore. mr Ballard lent it to mr Foss. Willian Ballard very unwell at night, we gave him medisin for his Cough, he Slept with Jona. I have Seen 77 years this day. may I render prais to the Great author of mercies for all his Goodness to me in my past life, and obtain his forgivness for all Sins Committed. at home & to our own hous. People from Leads here. I have Seen 77 years this day.  
21 6
Clear & Cold. Hannah Pollard Saml, & Betsy Town Calld in to See us. Old mrs Wickson here, gave me a broom. Wilm is Some better, is here yet. at home. H. Polld & B. Town hir.  
22 7
Clear. mr Isaac Savage, his wife, Isaac Junr & his wife Dind. Revd mr Stone & Lady, Son Jonas wife & Childn took Tea with us. I finisht kniting Le faetts Stockins & washt them. at home. Revd mr Stone and wife here.  
23 1
Clear foren n, Cloudy aftn, Snowd at Evng. Luke B. & Jona Junr went to Son Pollards. Luke Sleeps here. at home.  
24 2
Snowd & very windy. I have been at home, feel unwel but Churnd, had 2_ Butter. Martha here this day & night, Wilm at his Fathers. at home.  
25 3
Clear forin, Snowd a little at Evng. Luke Barton & Jona Balld Junr gone to Son Pollards to a Ball. his Grand Fatther lent Jona 2 Dollars, he returnd 3s. at home.  
26 4
Birth Anthony Bracketts 7th Son, 9th Child.
Cloudy & Some Snow. I was Calld at 2h pm to See the wife of Anthony Bracket who was in Labour and was Safe Deld at 5h 30m of her 7th Son & 9th Child. her illness was dificult & very Severe but I left mother & infant Comfortable and reacht home before 10 Evng. at mr Bracketts. Birth 4th. receivd 1 Dollar.  
27 5
Clear, Cold & windy; Cloudy Evng. Le faett is gone to work with his team for Wm Babcock. I have Bakt wheat & Brown Bread ys day. at home.  
28 6
Cloudy and Some Snow. a mr Snell of Sydna Calld with his wife & 2 Childn to warm, he informd Me that Timy Runelss Dagt Syntha was dead; Jona Junr that the wido North of Clinton dead, her remains interd this day. allso that EbenZ Moores Child that was Scolt was dead. at home.  
29 7
Birth John Shaws 2nt Son, 4th Child.
Snowd. I was Calld to John Shaws, his wife Deld of her Second Son, 4th Child at 9h Evn. Shee & Child Cleverly. my Self & the women tarried all night. 29, at John Shaws. Bth 5th. recd 9 S in [      ]. Funeral mrs North, Clinton.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.