Martha Ballard's Diary, January 31 - February 8, 1812

31 6
Clear part of the day, Cloudy at Evng. I was Calld by Betsy Andrews to go & See her Marm who has a pain in her Side, and mrs Firbish who is in a weak Situation. was informd of mrss Smyles Death which took place yeslerday. at mr Andrewss
1 7
Clear. I have been at home. Epm, Hannah & Nabby Hudson Came from Clinton. Wilm Trask & Ranus Pierce here from Malta. Hannah Ballard is 17 years old this day. at home. Funeral mrs Smyle of Sydney.  
2 1
Birth Levy Cowens Son, [6th] Child.
Cloudy, raind at Evng. I was Calld by Levy Cowen to go and See his wife in Labour. Shee was Safe deld at 4h am of a Son which Expired at 5. Shee had a fall not long Since which probably was the Cause. Hannah & Nabby wint to hear mr Tappin this day & Evng. at Levy Cowens. Birth 3d. Death ofthe infant. Death of [Lydae] Springer of Sidney.  
3 2
Clear part of the day. mr James Gore of New Sharon brot us Corn, rie & flower in part of what he owed us. he paid 5 Dolls in money. I have been at home, my head is Soar. H. N. and Sally Sleep here. it began to rain at 10h Evn. mrss Davis & Rhoda Pollard Calld here, took Tea; left here near Sun Sett. at home. Rhoda Pollard & mrss Davis here.  
4 3
raind till 10h am, Clear aflerwards. I have done hous work, knit &C. Hannah gone to her Fathers. I finisht futing Wms hoes. at home.  
5 4
Sun Shone till twelve o Clock, Snode afterwds. Hannah & Epm Sett out for Clinton. I have done Some washing and mending. at home. Hannah Sett out to Clinton.  
6 5
Clear, Cold & windy. I have done hous work & Some mending. mrs Burdin Calld here, Shee is going to New [Vinyard], her Mother is Sick. Ephm returnd from Clinton, all wel there. at home.  
7 6
Clear part of the day. A Son of mr Flint Bartons, a mr Robards here, took Tea. Luke Barton here at Evng. I have been to our hous, Ephm Conducted me in A Sleigh. we brot Cyruss Bed and other things from there. Jason Pierce Sleeps here. at home.  
8 7
A very rainy day. I have ironed and mended A Coat &C. Ranus & Jason Pierce Sleep here, Sally Ballard allso. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.