Martha Ballard's Diary, January 20 - 30, 1812

20 2
[   ] Snowd and very Cold. I returnd home before night, knit in the Evng. Linda Slept in my roome. at Ditoes.  
21 3
Clear, very Cold & windy. I have been at home, knit Some. mr Bennet workt for Le faett forenn. at home.  
22 4
Clear and Cold. Son Jonas wife & Calld here, left Sally, James and Eliza. Shee is gone on to Clinton, Ephm with her. at home. Son Jonas wife gone to Clinton.  
23 5
Clear and not So Cold. Son & Dagt Pollard and Catherene here, he did arronds for us. they informd me that the wido Lovjoy Expired 19th inst. Jona Junr Sleeps here. at home. Son & Dagt Pollard here. Death mrs Lovjoy 19th inst.  
24 6
Snowd. I have been very unwel in the night and forenn. Ame Niles Came here, tarried a little while. I rose afternn, feel Some better. at home, unwel.  
25 7
Clear the most of the day, Clouded at Evn. Son Pollard Calld here, brot us 2 Bushl Corn at 4s pr Bushel. he took monney & got us 1 lb Candles & 2_ do Butter. brot our meal from the mill. his Dagt Hannah went home with him. Son Epms wife is better. mr EbenZ Trask & wife spent Evn. his Son Wilm & Ranus Pierce & Becky Fletcher & Abner Trask Sleep here. at home, did my washing. mr Trask & wife here, B. Fletcher & olhers.  
26 1
Snowd. Jona Junr Sett out for Clinton. Ranus Pierce & he took it up on then to Treat my Husband and I unbecomingly. may God forgiv that & their other misconduct is my Sinceer prayer. Son Ephm, his wife & Son, mr Heath & wife Spent Evng here. Alfred Sprague, Linda and Keziah Haul went to Lecture to mr Rowels. at home. Son Epm, his wife & Son, mr Heath & his wife here.  
27 2
Clear & Cold. Dagt Ballard & 2 Childn here. mr Bennet, his wife & Childn here Evng. I have done Some washing & knit Some. at home. Linda makeing Soap.  
28 3
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard has a pain in his Neck, has not been able to work. I have done hous work & knit Some. Jonas wife & James here, Shee finisht hir Soape & took Care of other matters. at home. Dagt Ballard here, finisht makeing her Soape.  
29 4
Clear forenn, Cloudy aft; Snowd at Evng. Revd mr Tappin Deld a discoarse from matthew 11 C 28 vers. there were A Considerable number of people Collected here. Sons Pollard & Epm, their wives & Samuel P. & Sopha, Son Jonas wife, Sally, James and Elisabeth. at home, an Evng Lecture Preacht here.  
30 5
Cloudy. I have mended Legins & hoes. Linda went to mr [Colitus], bot me pint & half new rm, 2 lb Sugar [_ pepper & pins, Cost 6S ]. at home. Death David Smilys wife.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.