Martha Ballard's Diary, December 18 - 26, 1811

18 4
Cloudy, raind aftern. Ephm Came home at 9h Evn, Sally with him. he left his mother, James & Elisa at mr Wimans. Jona Junr Came the first of the Evng. at home, did Some work about hous.  
19 5
raind the most of the day, Snowd at Evng. Dagt Ballard & the Childn Came, tarried till aftern; then went to the hous that mr Moody did liv in, to keep hous till her husband is liberated from Jail. her Son Jona Sett out for Norridgwalk. it is 57 years this day Since I was joind in wedlock with my husband. at [home]. this is ye anneversary of my Marriage 57 years Since.  
20 6
Clear and Cold. I have done Some washing & knit in the Evng. at home.  
21 7
Clear till near night, Snowd at Evng. I have ironed & done Some mending. am informd that Jessy Lock of Hallowell Expired 16th inst. at home.  
22 1
Clear & pleasant. Son Jonas wife Came up here, brot James & Elisa with her. mr Partridg Came in to See her. I have had a pain in my Stomach till near night. mrs Ballard had 4 gees killd, pickt & gutted. Shee left here at 10h Evng. at [home]. Jonas wife here. Jona & [Forgeson][Sleep] here.  
23 2
Clear foren, Cloudy aftn, raind a little at 10h Evn. Luke Came here, brot 8 Cabbage heads which Son Epm Sent us. he informs me that my Sons wife is unwel. Sally Ballard is unwell. I made her Sage Tea. at [home].  
24 3
A Severe Snow Storm. Jack Carried Sally & James to his Fathers in a Sleigh. he returnd here, Forgison allso. at home kniting.  
25 4
Cloudy, Snowd Some. I have done hous wk & knit Some. Jona Sett out again for Clinton, Forgison with him.   
26 5
Clear. Son Epm Calld here. Hanh Pollard with him, going to help his wife who is unwel. mr Ballard Sent 3s by Epm, he got 4/1 Tea, 2-4/1 lb Sugar. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.