Martha Ballard's Diary, December 9 - 17, 1811

9 2
Birth mr [Joseph] Firbushes Son. Birth Wm Spragues 2nd Dgt, 3d Child.
Clear. mr Firbush Calld me at 3h am to go to Capt Smiths to See his wife who w was Deliverd of a Son, her first Born at 5h am. I was Calld from her at 7 by Wilm Sprague to See his wife who was Deld before 12 of a Dagt, her 3 Child. they are all Comfortable. I reacht home at Sun Sett feel some Fatagued. I receivd 2/1 lb Tea of Sprague in part. March 31st recd 1 Bushl Corn at 4/6. at mr Firbushes. birth 12th. at wm Spragus. birth 13th. Death B. Bodwel.  
10 3
Clear. I have done hous work & knit Some, went to our hous, brot Some things from there. Keziah Hall here, informd that Betsy Bodwel Died last night. at our hous from Son Jonas.  
11 4
Clear & pleasant. I have done hous wk & knit Some. the remains of Betsy Bodwel were interd this aftern. Hannah Ballard attended at the hous. mr Goodhue performd. Betsy Wiman Calld & took Tea with us. Barney Lambd brot me 2 aprons which his Marm Sent me, al wel there. at home. Funeral of Betey Bodwel.  
12 5
Clear day, Cloudy Evng. I have removd my things into the East roome, knit Evng. at home, moovd to East roome.  
13 6
Clear and Coolr. I went to our own house, brot Some things. mrs Sands here. knit in the Evng till late. at home.  
14 7
Clear & Cold. I wenl to See mrs Firbush, find her torable Comfortable. I came home, Spent Evng kniting. Hannah & Linda went to mrs Andruss. to See mrs Ferbush.  
15 1
Clear. I have been at home, roasted a piece of Beef which Son Ephm gave me. Luke Dind with us, Keziah [here] allso. at home. Hannah had Compy at Evn. Snowd at night.  
16 2
Clear. I have done hous work & knit. mr Ballard put up a Shelf in ye Closit. at home.  
17 3
Clear pleast day, Cloud Evng. Ephm & Hannah Sett out for Clinton at 10h am. I began to wash at 2 pm, finisht what I had in hand at 7 Evn; knit in the Evng. at home. Hannah went to Clinton.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.