Martha Ballard's Diary, November 3 - 13, 1811

3 1
Clear. Barny Lambard dind here. he & wilm B. got a twich of wood. Dagt Ballard, Marta, James & Elisa here aftern. Epm Came down, Calld in here. at home. Dagt B.s Childn here.  
4 2
Clear. I did my hous wk & went to Son Jonas. my Dagt was Seting out to go to the Settlement. mrss Carter & Stone Came there. at Son Jonas. Funeral mrss Mason of Sydny.  
5 3
Clear & very pleasant. I went to Son Jonas Early. my Dagt & Epm, Marta, James & Elisa Sett out for Clinton at 10h morn. Old mrs Stone there. I Came home as Soon as they Sett out & did matters in my own house. at Son Jonas. Shee & 4 Childn Sett out for Clinton. I Churnd 3-4/1 lb butter.  
6 4
raind. I have Bakt Some bread, pumpkin Pies, apple puding & 1 apl pie &C. at home.  
7 5
raind but is not very Cold. I have done hous work, Spent ye Evng Cuting raggs for bed. at home.  
8 6
raind & Cloudy all day. I have done hous wk. this is ye aneversary of the death of my Dear Dagt Town, 13 years Since. Funeral of Lucy [Maxee] of this Town ys aftern. at home. Funeral.  
9 7
raind. I have done various kinds work. Sabery Getchel Sleeps here. at home.  
10 1
Clear. Luke Barton Came in to see us, informd that the Sacrament was adminestred. H. Glidon, H. Ballard, L. Gitchel Came in. Sabery Sleeps here. at home.  
11 2
Clear. I have Bakt Brown & flour bread & an apple puding & done other matters. Sabery left here after breakfast. we Staid alone. at home.  
12 3
Clear. I have washt & done Some mending. Abm Field Calld in to See us. at home.  
13 4
rainy. I have done my hous work, Sorted part of my apples that were in ye Sellar, Pared & Cut the rot out. Hannah Glidon went to Malta, mr Fields with her. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.