Martha Ballard's Diary, October 9 - 18, 1811

9 4
Clear morn, Cloudy aftern. Son Town Came here, took Breakfast. his famely wel. he is Sumoned to Coart as an Evidence. at home. Son Town took breakfast here. 9 4 Clear part of ye day. H. P. went to mr Blacks. mrs Farewel Sleeps here. mr Juett Came for me in the night. I was So unwel I Could not go with him. we Brewd. at [home]. mrs [Farew Sleeps ].  
10 5
Cloudy the most of the day. I have done a little work but feel feeble. Hannah did Some washing, Brewd. at home.  
11 6
Cloudy the most of the day. I feel feeble. Barny Lambd Calld here, gave me a pair. Hannah P. Did some washing. at home. Barny L. here.  
12 7
Clear part of the day. H. and D. Pollard finisht picking my wool, they Sett out for home at 3h Pm. a Shower after they Sett out. at [home]. The Girls went [home].  
13 1
Clear & pleast. Dagt Ballard & Eliza, Luke Barton & Theodore here. I have had a Collic pain, feel better aftern for which I wish to prais the auther of mercy. at home. Dagt B. & [Luke] B. here.  
14 2
Clear. I have done my hous work and paired & Cut and steud apples for Sause. Wm & Caleb Sleep here. I rose from bed to Strain my milk which they brot home. at home.  
15 3
Cloudy & Some rain. I have Sorted apples, washt my kitchen and brot my Bed in to it. I Sent by Wilm B. for pint & half Spirit, he bot it at mr Sargents Store. at home.  
16 4
Cloudy & rain. mr Ballard went to Ordination. Son Ephm Came for me, I went to his hous. mr Ballard Came & Slept there. at Son Ephms. mr Tappin Ordained in Augusta.  
17 5
Clear & Cooler. mr Ballard Sett out for home after Breakfast. I Tarried at my Sons all day & night. at Ditoes.  
18 6
Clear. I left my Sons aft Breakfast. Cald at Old mr Hamlins & mr Levermores & Capt Pittss & mr Thwings. mrs Heath Conducted me to Son Jonas. I walkt fm there, find much to do at home. at Detoes & others.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.