Martha Ballard's Diary, September 22 - 30, 1811

22 1
Clear. I have felt more Comfortable. Hannah Pollard went to Son Jonas after breakfast. Son Lambd dind, he gave me a quarter of a Dolr. mr Livermore & wife here, Son Epm also. Epm & young Trask Came with ye milk after I was in bed. I rose & Straind it, they Sleep here. at home. Sons Lambd & Epm here, mr Livermr & wife allso. Dagt Ballard & 2 youngest Childn Came down fm Clintn, Sleep here.  
23 2
Clear day, Cloudy at Evng. I have been Sleady to work all day tho feel feeble. H. Pollard Came fm Jonas, got breakfast & Sett out for home. James Came to See me, his Marm Came in after Sun Sett. at home. H. Pollard went home. I have done [my]hous work, Churnd 2 lb _. Death Old Saml [Cunin ].  
24 3
Clear. mrs Farewel Calld to See me. I have done my hous work but feel very feeble. the Boys gathered the Apples in ye west orchard, brot 3 bags full in here. raind at night. at home.  
25 4
Clear till after noon. my husband attended Funeral of mr Cumings, he Expired on his Birthday, aged 77 yrs. at home.  
26 5
Clear. Dagt Ballard Came & took Care of me, I am very feeble. Hannah & Becky Fletcher Sleep here. at home. Dagt B. here part ye day.  
27 6
Clear. Hannah Spent part of the day here, mrs Sands Came & washt my Milk vessals, Sleeps here. I had a poore nights rest. Son Jona here at Evng. at home, feel very feeble. Son Jona Calld to see me.  
28 7
Cloudy. mrss Sands went to Jonas after Shee had done my morning wk. A mr Joshua Gillmore here to See a plan, gave my husband 20 Cents. at home, very unwel. Jonas wife Sleeps here.  
29 1
raind. I am Still. Dct Cony to See me, gave me medisin; Sent Sago & a fish. mrs Smith here, Dind. at home. Son Ephm & wife here, tarrie all night.  
30 2
Clear. Epms wife here till near night when Dagt Pollard Came. at home, very feeble.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.