Martha Ballard's Diary, September 17 - 22, 1811

17 3
Clear. I have had a Shocking ague fit & feaver. H. P. washt again ys day & washt kitchen & tended on me, is Churning allso. I feel revivd at 4h Pm. at home, had a feaver fitt.  
18 4
Clear. I have felt a Some Esier. mrss Hodges & Fanny Came to See me. Fanny Sleps here. H. Pollard at Faetts. my dear dagt Pollard Came at Evng. O how glad I felt to See her, tarries here. Son Epm Sent me 1 gln molases. at home, a little more Comfortable thro Gods Goodnes. Dagt Pollard Came at Evng.  
[19] 5
Clear. I had Some rest last night, prais to the Great author. Fanny left here after breakfast, Dagt P. also. I feel very feeble, God grant me patience. Dagt Pollard left me before noon. Hannah Bakt. mrs Bennet Calld here. H. and Mta B. here. at home, unwel. Dagt Pollard went home. mr Baldgatherd Beens yt were ripe. [20] 6Clear. I have felt more Comforlable but very weak. M. B. Sleepshere. Fanny at Jonas. these lines are for Yesterday. at home. 
[20] 6
Clear. mrs Stone Came and Carried down Plumbs. mrs Pitts had 9 qts Sent us Galln Vinagar mrs Carter 3 do, sent 7 oZ Sugar mrs bond Some Sent [4] oZ Tea. H. Pollard gone ye aft n to quillt for mrs Bennet. Saml Pollard took 2s 3d to do errands for me. at home. Hannah Sleeps at Jonas.  
[21] 7
Clear. I have had a very Sick foren but feel more Comfortable aftern. mrss Orrock & mrss Pitts Came to See m. mrss O. brot me 7 lb flower, 2 do Sugar, _ Tea, 1 pint Spirit. mrss Pitt Sugar. at home. mrss Orok & Pitts here.  
22 1
Clear. I have felt more Comfortable. Hannah Pollard went to Son Jonas after breakfast. Son Lambd dind, he gave me a quarter of a Dolr. mr Livermore & wife here, Son Epm also. Epm & young Trask Came with ye milk after I was in bed. I rose & Straind it, they Sleep here. at home. Sons Lambd & Epm here, mr Livermr & wife allso. Dagt Ballard & 2 youngest Childn Came down fm Clintn, Sleep here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.