Martha Ballard's Diary, September 1 - 10, 1811

1 1
Clear and warn. I am very Lambe with my toe. Son Jona Sleeps here, his famely at Clinton are wel. this is the anneversary of Son Lambards Birth. at home, Son Jona Slept here.  
2 2
Clear and warm. I have bakt, Brewd and done other matters. mr Balld gone to Parrish meeting. Son Lambard went home from Jail. Le faell & Allin Lambd Sleep here. at home. Son Lambd left Jail, his wives Birthday.  
3 3
Clear and very warm. I have done hous work. Lefaett Thrashed Wheat, brot in Some for us. at home.  
4 4
Clear & very warm. I have done various kinds of work. at home.  
5 5
Clear & warm. I have done work in the hous & gardin &C. at home.  
6 6
Clear. I have workt in hous & gardin, washt &C. Hannah & Martha here to Tea. H Came from Clinton this morn, all well there. at home.  
7 7
Clear the most of the day. I have bakt & done many other work. at home.  
8 1
Clear. I have been So unwel that Hannah B. & Martha Came, got breakfast & took Care of me. H. Gliddon here the rest of ye day & night, Abm Field allso. Son Epm and his Dagt Calld in to See me. at home, very unwel, there was no preaching at ye meeting hous.  
9 2
Clear & pleast. I feel more Comfortable for which I wish to bless ye Great auther. we Churnd 1-2/1 lb Butter. at home.  
10 3
Clear. I have been more Comfortable. Cut Stalks and done hous work. Jona Junr gave us Spirit & [sugg ]. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.