Martha Ballard's Diary, August 25 - 31, 1811

25 1
Clear. we did not go to meeting. Son Epm & Ezra Town Came here. Ezra Sleeps here. Lefaett & Hannah went to Clinton. at [home]. Ezra Town Sleeps here.  
26 2
Clear. Ezra left here after Breakfast to attend Coart, he is Foreman of the Jury. Son Cyrus Calld here after Sun Sett, tarried a fue muniets and went on for home. he informd me that a Child of A mr Bean died with the hooping Cough. at home. Ezra left here. Son Cyrus Calld here, told of a Death.  
27 3
Clear & warm. I have been takeing Care of mustard & doing hous work, finisht gathering the peas in gardin. at home.  
28 4
Clear. I have workt hard in hous & gardin. mr [Bond] here for mr Balld to go to Church meeting, he went. Son Epms wife & Son, Sally Farewel & Marta Ballard took Tea with me. at home, Bakt. Dagt Balld here.  
29 5
Clear foren, Some rain aftern. I have workt hard part of ye day but feel very unwel. at home. aniversary of ye Birth, yesterday, Dagt Lucy, 53 years.  
30 6
Clear & warm. I have had pain in my arm & foot. Martha went to Mrs Andrewss, Shee Sent me Spirit to Bathe my Limbs with. I have put a Cheese in pres which was made without rennet. at home, feel feeble.  
31 7
Clear. I have Sheld mustard and done various kinds work besides. Epm went to the Settlement, got me with Wicksons due bill 1 qt Spirit, 2/1 lb Tea & 3-2/1 do Sugar. at home, very lambe.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.