Martha Ballard's Diary, August 6 - 16, 1811

6 3
Birth Moses Patridges 2nd Son & 5th Child.
Clear. I have workt hard in the hous & Gardin. Barny Lambd & Wm Ballard Sleep here. Dagt Lambd Came in the Stage, Slept at mr Dilinghams. Moses Patridg Calld me to See his wife in Labour at 10h Evng. Shee was Safe Deld at 11h 30m Same Evng. I returnd home about 2h morn, her Child was a Son, ye Second male; Shee has had 3 Daugts. mr P. had been after 3 Docters, Could not obtain neither of them before he Calld me. at Moses Patridgess. Birth 11th. Ihave recd 3 [p ] Spirit.  
7 4
Clear. I have Bakt & Done other work. mr Ballard been to the Settlement, bt 2 lb Sugar, Cost 30 Cents.   
8 5
Clear & not so warm. I have done hous work & went to See mrs Patridg, find her & infant Comfortable. at mr Palridges & Son [Jonas].  
9 6
Clear. I have part done my washing. Dagt Lambard & Son Ephms wife and their babes here to See us, informd of the Death of wido Rhed of Clinton. we had Cucumbers ys day. at home, Childn here.  
10 7
raind the most of the day. I finisht washing. at [home].  
11 1
Cloudy morn, Clear from 11h am till 4 pm when it thundered & raind. [Wilm] Sands, Hanh Getchel, Abram & the girls fm Jonas & mr Haul were in here aftern. at [home]. Thundered in the night & rain.  
12 2
Clear. I have done hous work & Some in my gardin. Hannah B. Sent us 4 lb Veal & part of the head. Wm Ballard Came from Clinton yesterday & returnd this day, all well lhere. at [home].  
13 3
Clear. I have washt my Buttery, done other hous wk & wed Gardin. I wen to Son Jonas towards night. mr Ballard been to the Settlement. Dagt Lambard was gone to Son Pollards, Shee Calld at Jonas on return. to Jonas.  
14 4
Clear. I have done hous work. at home.  
15 5
Cloudy foren. I wed a bed of Carrots, Churnd 2 lb Butter & made a Chees &C. at home.  
16 6
Clear. I have ben doing hous wk & Some in the gardin. at [home].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.