Martha Ballard's Diary, July 26 - August 5, 1811

[26] 6
Clear. I have done hous work but feel not So wel as I Could wish. at home.  
27 7
Clear. I have done hous wk, washt my kitchen. Warrin Stones wife Came and gathered our Cherries which were in the gardin, 22 quarts. Shee is to have half, he Sold them for 6 cents pr qt. at home. Luke B. & Jona junr Sleep here.  
28 1
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Smith here & a number of others. Luke & Jona took Breakfast here. at home.  
29 2
Cloudy foren, raind aftern. I have felt feeble. Hanh Ballard & Sally Pollard Sleep here. Son Epms wife took Tea here. at home, friends here.  
30 3
Clear. Sally Pollard Scoured my Puter and did my washing. Dagt Pollard, Dolly, Marta & Catharine Came here. Sally went home, Hannah Ballard & the 2 little girls with lhem. at home, Childn here.  
31 4
Clear. this is ye day Dagt Pollard Came here in Stead of yesterday. at home, Dagt Polld Came here.  
1 5
rainy all day. my Dagt P., her Dt Dolly & Marta Ballard here ys day. my Dagt did Sewing for me. at home.  
2 6
Clear. Dagt Pollard left here at 10h morn to go to Son Ephms. I have done my hous work, Cut up herbs to drie; Cat mint & Tansey. at home. Dagt P. went to Son Epms.  
3 7
Clear. I have Brewd & done other work. Dagt Pollard & her Dgt Dolly Came here at Evng, H. Getchel & Ballard with her. they went home. Son Cyrus Came at 11h Evng. at home, Brewd. Dagt Pold & Son Cyrus Sleep here.  
4 1
Clear. Dagt Pollard & Dolly left us at 9 am. Cyrus at 11h. I have don ye hous work. Le faett Carting hay in to the Barn. at home.  
5 2
Clear forenn, rain with high wind aftern. Hannah Getchel here. I have done hous work & Some in my gardin. at home. H. Getchel here Part ys day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.