Martha Ballard's Diary, July 8 - 25, 1811

8 2
Clear & warm. I have Bakt, Churnd & workt in my gardin. Jona B. Junr Came from Clinton, al well there. at home.  
9 3
Clear & warm. Jona Junr took Breakfast here. I have made a Chees & wkt in gardin yet. Jona Junr Sett out for Clinton aftern. Son Lambard is in Jail for debt allso. may the wise Disposer of all things point Some way for their releas. I went to Son Jonas, he is in [Jail].  
10 4
Cloudy, Thunder & rain aftern. I have done hous work & Some in the gardin, have made mellolott Ointment for my Self and Son Jonas wife. at home.  
11 5
Cloudy all day, raind part of it. I wed Carrotts, mended my husbands Trousers &C. at home.  
12 6
raind by Shours. I have workt in my gardin Some, made a Chees, 3 Curds in it; made & Sett in to a Shift a pair Sleevs. at home.  
13 7
raind the most of the day. I have Swept my Chambers & lower rooms, feel feeble indeed. mr Hawl here, alterd the piggs. at home. Son Jona Came here this night.  
14 1
Clear the most of this day. Dagt Ballard, Hannah & Elisa, Hannah Pollard, Becky Fletcher, Son Epm & his Son & Luke Barton here, Hanh Glidon allso. Son Jona went to Clinton. at home, [friends] here. Funeral Clearks [Child]. 
15 2
Clear the most of the day. I have washt Some, made a Chees, mended a Shirt &C. Allin Lambard Came here, his marm & the Childn are wel. at home. Allin Lambard here.  
16 3
Clear. I went to Son Jonas. mrs Farewel, Sist Barton & Sopha Came home with me, Sleep here. at Son Jonas.  
17 4
Clear part of the day. Sist washt my N roome. mrs Farewel went to mr Bennets. I was Calld by mr Mc Fartin at 5h pm to go and See his wife who is near the hour of Labour. I larried at his house till the 25th. at mc Farlins.  
25 5
Birth mc Farlins 2nd Son, 4th Child by his present wife.
Son Jona & wife went to Clinton 23 inst. sister Barton Set out for Boston in the Packet this morn. Birth 10th.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.