Martha Ballard's Diary, June 4 - 9, 1811

4 3
Clear. mr Ballard to Church meeting. Son Cyrus to See the Coart Opened, returnd here & Sett out for Rhome about 3h pm. may God Bless him in all his lawful under takeings is the wish of his aged Mother. I have done ironing, washing & other matters but feel very feeble. may God Support me. at home. Son Cyrus Sett out for Rome at 3h pm.  
5 4
Clear. I have been very unwel but walkt to See Hannah Ballard aftern, feel Some better. made Tea & partook with my husbd. at Son Jonas.  
6 5
X. Birth Winsl Burdins Dagt by Fanny Hodges out of Wedlock. XX.
Clear morn, raind & Thundered before night. I was Calld Early ys morn to mr Hodges to see his Dagt Fanny who was in Labour & was Safe Delivered of a Dagt, her first born, which Shee in the Severety of her illness Dectared Winslow Burden was the Falher of. I tarried till 4h pm then left them Comfortable. Came to Capt Pittss, went in at mr Thwings, Came back to ye Capts & tarried all night. at Ezra Hodges. Birth 7th. recvd 6/, 12-2/1 lb Tea.  
7 6
Clear. I went fm ye Capts to mr Hodges, he Conducted me home before 9h am. I find much wk to do, Churnd 2_ lb. mrs Hall & mrss Burden to See me. mr Ballard planting potatoes in ye field. at Ditoes & Capt Pittss. mrss Hall & Burden here.  
8 7
rain the most of the day. I made A small Chees, did hous wk; feel fatagued. at home.  
9 1
X. Birth Marshal Edsons 1st Dagt. XX.
Clear. I was Calld about 10h am to See the wife of Marshal Edson who was in Labour. Shee was Safe deld at a little after noon of her first Dagt & 4th Child. I left them very Comfortable at [ ]h pm & returnd home. at marshal Edsons. Birth 8th. received 12/ as a reward. Wm Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.