Martha Ballard's Diary, May 27 - June 3, 1811

27 2
Clear. Sister Btn, mrs Farewel & I to vasit mr Wiman, find them wel. at Ditoes & mr Wimans.  
28 3
Cloudy, raind at night. I left Son Epms after breakfast, Calld at mr Robinsons, mr Orocks, Capt Pittss, mr Pipers, mr Mosiers, mrs Andruss, Smiths, Moodys & Son Jonas; reacht home before night. at Ditoes & other Neighbors.  
29 4
Clear. I have done hous wk & planted musk millons & Beens which mrs Pitts gave me. Wm B. been to the Settlement. Sold 4 dusn Eggs A /9 - 50 Cents. got me 7 lb flour & 1 Sheet Ginger bread, he got me 1 qt Spirit on his fathers acount. at home. Wm Sleeps here.  
30 5
Clear & Cool, a frost ys morn. I have washt & planted potatoes & Corn in ye gardin. at home.  
31 6
X. Birth Lefaett Rowels Dagt. XX.
Clear & Cool. I was Calld to mr Rowels, his wife in Labour. I reacht there at 11h am. the Patient Deld of a dagt, her first born at 1h pm. I left her & inft as wel as Could be Expected & returnd home about 4. I Bakt after I Came home, recd 1 Dolr. at mr Rowels. Birth 6th. recd 6/ in part, July9th paid 6/ in full.  
1 7
Clear and warmer. I have Brewd & workt in ye gardin, Planted Squash Seeds. my Purple Corn is Coming up. Son Lambd Sleeps here, his famely wel. at home. Son Lambard Sleeps here.  
2 1
Clear & warm. Sons Lambd & Jona took Breakfast here. I made an attempt to go to meeting but was so fatagued geting over the fence on ye old road that I fell down. Jona & Moses Partridg helpt me home. Cyrus Came aftern, he & Le faett took Tea here. at home. Son Cyrus Sleeps here.  
3 2
Clear & warm. mr Ballard to Parrish meeting, Cyrus to Hallowell. I have Sett Cucumbers & French turnips, made a Chees &C. Cyrus Sleeps here. at home, Cyrus Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.