Martha Ballard's Diary, April 28 - May 7, 1811

28 1
Clear part of ye day, raind in the night. Son Ephm here after meeting. Jonas wife and part of the Childn Dind here. died, W. W. kindrick in this Town, aged 14 years. at home. Ephm here. Death.  
29 2
raind in the morn, Clear the most of ye day. Son Jona, his wife, James & Elisa Dind here. mrs Carter Calld in aflern. A mr Greanlief Calld here, took Breakfast, Says he was Cast away at Sea not long since, his home at 7 mile brook. Sally & Martha Sleep here. at home. Part of my Childn Dind here.  
30 3
Clear part of ye day, Some rain at night. mrs Farewel & Sophia Ballard Sleep here Hanh, Marta & Elisabeth here aftern. I have done houn wk & mended Cloaths. at home. mrs Farewel, Sophia Sleep here.  
1 4
Clear. mrs Farewel & Sophia went from here after breakfast. I have done hous work, Sorted Beens for planting &C. the remains of Kendrick were interd aftern. at home. mrs Farewel left here. Funeral.  
2 5
Clear & Cool. I have removd my Bed into the bedroome, Sorted Beens but feel feeble. mr Ballard mended the kitchen Chimney & harth yesterday, the oven this day. Jonas Men plowing our field this day. at home.  
3 6
Clear and not so Cold. I have done some washing, Churnd & made a Chees, Sorted beens &C. at home.  
4 7
Clear and pleast. I have done hous wk, ironed. mrs Smith here, had Beet & parsnip Seed and Some Carrot & Squash; is to let me have thread. Wm Ballard Sleeps here. at home. mrs Smith here.  
5 1
Clear & pleast. I have been at home, made a Chees. Dagt Ballard gone to Sydney. at home.  
6 2
Clear part of ye day, raind before night. mr Piper Sent me some Tea by Le faett. at home.  
7 3
Clear & very pleast. I have Sett trees & Current Bushes & done other matters in my Gardin. Esq Titcomb, S. Cumings and Lat Hamlin Calld here. it is training through out ye Common wealth ys day. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.