Martha Ballard's Diary, February 11 - March 1, 1811

11 2
X. Birth Capt S. Pitss 3d Sn. XX.
Clear. Capt Shubal Pitts Calld me this morn Early to See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Comforlable till 4h pm when her Labour Came on. her women were Calld & She was Safe [ oth] at 7h 30m. at Capt Pitses. Birth 1st. receivd 12/ as a reward. 
12 3
Clear Pleast morn. I tarried at Capt Pitss till near night when I arivd at home. took Care of my afairs &C. Sally Sleeps here. mrs North, Page & Carter were at Capt Pitss in ye Coars of ye day. at Ditoes.  
13 4
Clear. I have been at home, fell and brused my face. at home.  
14 5
Clear. I did my washing & ironed my Cloaths, feel very unwel at night. La faett Sleeps here. at home, washt & ironed.  
15 6
Clear. Allin Lambd Came here, wants me to go home with him. Says that Wm is mending. at home.  
16 7
Clear part of ye day. Allin Calld on me, wisht me to go home with him tomorrow. at home.  
17 1
Cloudy morn, Snowd before n. I Sett out with Allin for Clinton at 11h am, reacht Son Lambds about Sun Sett, find Wm very ill. to Son Lambds.  
18 2
Snowd. Son L. went to Fairfield. Wm Easier. at Ditoes.  
19 3
at Son Lambds, from there to Son Towns.   
20 4
Cold. I have Seen 76 years this day. X.   
21 5
22 6
mrs Brown to See me   
23 7
at Ditoes & son Towns.
24 1
Clear. at Son Towns.   
25 2
from Son Towns to watervil. at Watervil.  
26 3
Clear. at Son Towns. at S. Towns.  
27 4
raind. I am at Ditoes. at Ditoes.  
28 5
Clear. at ditoes. mr Rice, his Lady and others There. at Ditoes.  
1 6
Clear. mrs Town & I to mr Fullers, mrs Fairfield allso. at mr Fullers.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.