Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 8, 1811

1 3
Clear and Cold. I have done hous wk & knit Some. Son Town went to Son Jonas to breakfast. we were alone this night. at home. Son Town Sett out for home.  
2 4
Cloudy morn and night. I have done hous wk & knit. we were alone ys night. at home.  
3 5
Clear and Cold. I was Calld at 10h am to Son Jonus to See Hannah Getchel who is very unwel. Doct Ellis was to See her at Evng, thinks her in danger of having a Seated fever, left Jullop and Salts tarter. at Son Jonas. Hanh Getchel is unwel there.  
4 6
Cloudy part of ye day, Snowd at night. Hannah Getchel is much better. I have done hs wk & knit. I finisht my Cottne hoes and began a mit for mr Balld. Epm & Wm Sleep here. at home, feel unwel.  
5 7
Cloudy, Snowd Some, misty aft. mr Balld to Jonas to mend a Sled. at home, we Staid alone.  
6 1
Cloudy & misty or Foggy all day. we were at home alone all night. at home.  
7 2
foggy, the Snow wastes fast. I have done hous wk & knit. at home, we are alone.  
8 3
foggy, Some hail in ye Evng. I have done hous wk & knit. am informd mr Dean Wiman & wido Pierce are Published. Lf Sleep here. at home, hear Wm Lambd is Sick.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.