Martha Ballard's Diary, December 19 - 25, 1810

19 4
Cloudy & Some Snow. this is the anniversary of my Marriage, 56 years Since. Son Lambd, Barny and Wm Ballad Sleep here. I have part made a gound, done Some washing [&] hemd a hand kerchief. at home. aneversary of my Marriage, 56 years Since.  
20 5
Clear & pleast for ye Season. I have done hous wk, done Some thing to my gound & knit Some. Son Lambd left here to attend Coart. Barne Came up, brot 1 qt Spirit & 2 oz Snuff which I Sint 30 Cents for. mr Ballard been to work at Son Jonas on a Slead. at home. we Staid alone ys night.  
21 6
Snowd. Son Jonas 4 youngest Childn here, dind with us. I have workt on my gound and under coats. Wm & Sally Sleep here. at home.  
22 7
Snowd, raind & haild. I finisht makeing my Gound & 1 underCoat &C. Wm & Sally Sleep here, Shee brot me 14 oz Butter. at home.  
23 1
Clear till Evng. we have not been to meeting. we were alone ys night. at home.  
24 2
Clear part of ye day. I have finisht makeing my petecoat, made two aprons of an old one. Sopha Lankester brot Some pork which Shee borrowed. Mata Balld here. at home. the boys found 5 of our Sheep [part of them].  
25 3
Clear forenn, a squall of snow and high wind after n & Evng. I have washt 4 Shirts for mr Ballard & 3 for my Self and other things. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.