Martha Ballard's Diary, December 2 - 9, 1810

2 1
Clear & not very Cold. mr Ballard to meeting. Jona Junr here. I put poultis on a Bile he had on his Legg. Hannah & James Came in to See me, mr Alby & Lefaett allso. at home. Grand Childn here.  
3 2
Clear. I have done Some Washing. Jona iunr Slept here. at home.  
4 3
Cloudy & Cold with some Snow. I have done hous work & knit some. at home.  
5 4
Cloudy the most of ye day. I have been Coulering woolin Cloath & knit on Epms mitin. he & Wm Sleep here. it began to Snow at 10h Evng, was but little fell. at home.  
6 5
Clear and Pleast. I have done hous wk, knit &C. Jona Junr hauld Some wood, he Sleeps here. Le faett Thrasing wheat he brot us in 2/1 bushl. mr Lankester Sent my Cloath Shoes which he made, price 6/. I found Cloath, have let him 1 and 2/1 bsl apples A 4/ pr bl. at home  
7 6
Clear part of ye day. I took my Cloath out of the die & dried it, did hous work and finisht Ephms mits which I began wedensday Evng. Jona Sleeps here. at home, Jona Sleeps here.  
8 7
Clear & Cool. I was Calld by Shubal Wickson Junr to go & See his wife who is in Labour. her women were Calld at Evng. Shee lingured thro the night. we Slept none. at Wicksons. receivd 1s [ ] [at] mrs Bradford.  
9 1
X. Birth Shubal Wicksons Dagt. XX.
Clear & Cold. mrs Wickson was Delivd at 9h am of a Daught, her first Child. the women retired and I drest the Babe and left them as wel as Could be Expected. arivd home at 12/OClock, found work to do. at Ditoes. Birth 17th. receivd 6/25 Cent august30, 1811.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.