Martha Ballard's Diary, October 2 - 10, 1810

2 3
Clear and very warm. I have been doing many things in hous & Gardin. at [home].  
3 4
Clear & very warm. I washt &C. Sally Farewel & Sopha Balld Sleep here, Lefaett & Ephm allso. at [home]. Sally [Farew ] here.  
4 5
Clear and very warm. I have a pain in my Side . had news that my Dear Dagt Pollard is Sick with a fever. may God be with her, restore her to helth if it be his blessed will. Sally & Sohpa went to Son Jonas after dinner. at [home], not [very] wel.  
5 6
Clear & very warm. I have done my hous wk tho feeble. heard Dagt Pollard is no better. at [home].  
6 7
Clear and warm I Sett out for Son Pollards at 10, arivd at noon. find my Dagt Sick with a feaver. Doct Hemingway & wife & Dtr [Sagarte] Calld, they Dind there. at Son Pollard, my Dagt [is] Sick.  
7 1
Clear part of the day. my Dagt is no better, ye Doct Calld to See her. at Dito . 
8 2
raind. my Child Continues very ill. mrs Chambertin watcht with her. at Deto.  
9 3
Clear the most of the day. Doct H. & Dct Howard Calld to See my Child, think there is hopes of recovery. Sist Barton & Jonas wife Came to See my Dagt. I returnd home with Jonas wife. have had a pain in my Side all day. at Dito, have [ ] Severe pain [ ] my [Side].  
10 4
Clear and Cool. I have had many things to do, feel feeble. hear that Dagt P. rested Some better last night. may we thank the auther of mercies. at [home].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.