Martha Ballard's Diary, September 14 - 24, 1810

14 6
Cloudy. I have done my hous work and gatherd Beens, Sheld Some. [at home, we Staid alone ys ].  
15 7
Clear and Cool. Son & Dagt Lambd Calld here from Son Pollards, Sett out for Clinton. Rhoda Pollard Calld in with them, Shee was going to Hallowell. I have gatherd Beens, Sheld & Strung them, Cucumbers for pickels, dug potatoes which I Planted June 20th. Sist Barton and Rhoda Pollard Sleep here. at [home]. Son and Dagt Lambd Sett out for [home].  
16 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Sist Btn & Rhoda dind at Son Jonas. Rhoda went home. at Son Jonas. Death of mr [Bar ].  
17 2
Clear. I have been at home. Sist Btn went to Son Ephms, wido Haywd interd yesterdy. at home.  
18 3
Clear. Sist Came here again. Capt Nichols of OXford, his Dagt Moore of Gardiner & 3 Childn Calld here [I] & mr Delenos Dagt. at [home]. Funeral Flint Barlons Son and Sidney.  
19 4
raind. Sist Btn went to Son Jonas. I have done various kinds of work at home.  
20 5
[Clear]. I have been at home. Sist Barton was at Son Jonas. Eph & Wiln Sleep here. at home.  
21 6
Clear. Sist Barton & I went to Son Jonas, mr Ballard took Tea there. at Son Jonas.  
22 7
Clear day, Cloudy Evng. I have done various kinds of work, feel weary. mr Ballard to Cumingss mill & to Son Ephms. Carried them 1 Bushl Apples. my Dagt Sent me 4 Candles. at home. mrs Farewel and Sist Barlon Sleep here. 
23 1
rainy. mrs Farewel & Sist went to See Patridges Child, find it very Sick. at home, Dito [Sleep] here.  
24 2
Cloudy part of ye day. Sist went to [Viany]. mrs Farewel home. I have Done too much wk, knit Some at Evng. at home. Rhoda [    ] [B] to [Clinton].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.