Martha Ballard's Diary, September 3 - 13, 1810

[3] 2
Clear and warm. Dagt Lambd with me this day, Shee Seems very feeble. Son Jona, wife & part of their Childn to Tea with us. I cutt squash to drie. at home, Childn here. Luke Bartons Birthday.  
[4] 3
Clear morn. Dagt Lambard & her Daddy and I took Tea at Son Jonas. at Son Jonas.  
[5] 4
Clear. Dagt Lambard went from here foren to vasit her Friends in ye Settlement. I have been washing and takeing care of mustard, feel fatagud. mr Alby & Ephm Carried ye [rowin] to ye Barn. Ephm Sleeps here. at home. Dagt Lambard went to the Settlement.  
6 5
Clear. I have workt in ye hous & gardin, we were alone this night. at home.  
7 6
Clear till near night, raind at Evng. I have had threats of the Collic but have Sheld mustard, Cut up Some & done my hous work. Ephm hauld us wood. I was Calld by Capt Ruel Howard to go and See his wife at 9h 30m Evng. at Capt Ruel Howard.  
8 7
X. Birth Capt Howard [2nd] Dagt. XX.
Cloudy & some rain. mrs Howard was Safe Deld at 2h am of her 2nd Dagt and 5th Child. I returnd home at 10h 30m am, receivd 1 Dolr. left mother and inft Cleverly. performd a Considerable work. I Sent by Ephm Bond, got 2 qts N E Spirit and 3_ lb Sugar. Dagt Ballard in here aftn. at Ditoes. Birth 14th. receivd 6s, 28 recd 3 & a gift of 10 Candles.  
9 1
Clear. I have been at home, mr Ballard allso. at home.  
10 2
Clear. I have been at home, Sheld mustard. at home.  
11 3
Clear. Son Epms wife & Dagt Lambd Dind here. I went to Son Jonas with them aftn. at Son Jonas.  
12 4
Clear. I have been at home till Evn, was Calld to Robd Kenedas at 10h Ev. Dagt Ballard & Lambd Sleep here.   
13 5
Clear. I was at Kenedies till 9h Evn, Came home and had a fine Sleep. Wm Ballard Sleeps here. Dagt Polld went home. at Kenedies [     ] dt Lambd [   ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.