Martha Ballard's Diary, August 19 - 25, 1810

[19] 1
Shours, Clear aftern. Son Lambd Calld here ys morn, he took Breakfast at Son Jonas. my son & Luther Pierce Calld to See me, Luke Barton allso. mr Ballard to meeting and attended as a Pawl holder at ye Funeral of mr Crosby. it was Dark before he Came home. Son Lambd Sleeps here. at home. Funeral of Old mr Crosby of this town & Isaac Clearks wife of Hallowell.  
[20] 2
Cloudy & Some rain. Son Lambd left here after breakfast. Revd mr Channing Discoarst foren fm Hebrews 2nd C 3 vers, aftn 1st Thesal 5 C 17 vers yesterday. Son Lambard left here ys morn after breakfast goin to ye Settlement. I have knit a garter for my husbd. at home. wm B. Sleeps here. I Sent for 2/1 lb Tea and pint & half Spirit.  
21 3
rainy. I have been at home. mr David Sewals here on business with mr Ballard. Son Lambard Sleeps here. at home. Son Lambd Sleeps here.  
[22] 4
raind the most of ye day. I have done Some mending. Son Lambard went to Son Jonas to Breakfast, he Expected to return home this day. he Sett out from ye Settlement at 4h pm. at home.  
[23] 5
we had a Smart Shower, began at 9h Am. I have done various kinds work. mr Ballard been to Hallowell, Came and went directly down to the Settlement. mrss Ann & Mary Bond here for Sweet apples for their Sister Esther. at home. mrss Bonds here.  
24 6
Clear. I have been very ill. Jonas folks Came to take Care of me. mr Ballard to Son Pollards. Linda & Sally Slept here. at home, Sick.  
[25] 7
Clear. I have been very ill with pain in my left Side & a Collic. Dagt Ballard to See me. Linda & Sally here all night. at home, very unwel.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.