Martha Ballard's Diary, August 14 - 18, 1810

14 3
Cloudy & some rain. I have not Sett up but little. Hannah Ballard Came and made Tea, I drank 2 Cups. Shee and H. Getchel Sleep here. at [home], unwel.  
15 4
X. Birth Martins 5th Dagt, 6th Child. XX.
Clear. I was Calld 30m after mid night by mr Martin of Hallowell to go and See his wife who is in Labour. I went, Shee was linguring litt 11h 30m Am when Shee was Safe Deld of her 6 Child & 5th Daugt. I went from her to See her Mother who apears to be near ye Close of life. God grant her Change may be happy. I returnd home at 10h Evng. I left my Patients very Comfortable. at mr Martin Hallowell & at Isaac Clearks. Birth 13. receivd 12/ as a reward.  
16 5
Clear. I have felt but feeble this day but have done my hous work. mr Ballard did Surveying for Mgr Livermore of Hallowell yesterday for which he receivd 1D and _ do. at home.  
17 6
Clear. I have been very feeble ys day. Dagt Ballard Came to See aftern, Marta, James & Elisa with her. at [home]. Dagt Ballard here.  
18 7
Clear. I have Bakt, done hous wk, gatherd my Sage & Some Burnit &C. mr Ballard got 2/1 busl Indien & Peck of rie meal. he went to Doct Coneys, he made a present of 1-2/1 oz Senna, Some Camphr & 12 pills for which I feel gratefull. the Bell Told for a Death ys aftern. at home. mrs Smith here. Death Old mr Crosby.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.