Martha Ballard's Diary, August 1 - 6, 1810

1 4
Clear part of the day, a Shower aftern. Allin Lambd Sett out for home this morn after breakfast. I have done hous work, Some in ye gardin, and Mended a Shirt for my husband. at [home]. Son [Jo ] Calld here ys morn. we were alone ys [night].  
2 5
Cloudy foren, raind aftern. I have Sett Some French Turnips, wed a Bed of Beets, done hous work & pickt wool. mr Ballard Sowd Turnips in the field. at home. I was very [Sick] in the night.  
[3] [6]
Clear. I have been So unwel I did not Sett up but little till the middle of aftern. Son Jonas wife, H., S., M., James & Elisabeth took Tea with us, made my Bed &C. at home. Dagt Bald & Childn here aftern.  
4 7
Clear. we found a nest with 13 Eggs, one was rottne. I made Cake. was Calld to Son Jonas, Elisa very unwel. we aplyed Turnip poltis to her bowels which gave relief Soon. mr Ballard been to ye meshene with wool, 4-2/1 lb. he was at Son Ephms, their Babe is unwel. he had _ of a hundd flower which he left with Son Jona. at Son Jonas, the [Babe] very unwel.  
5 1
raind & Thunder. Jonas Babe is very unwel yet. Doct Howard there to See her last Evng, left directions and medicin. at home. Jona iunr Sleps here.  
6 2
Clear. I workt out doors Some, pickt Some wool. went to Son Jonas after 4h pm, find the Child inclind to Play Some. A Son of mr Saml Babcock there after Linda. her aunt hitty fell fm a hors, hurt her. at Son Jonas. Dagt Pollard is 41 yr old ys day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.