Martha Ballard's Diary, July 24 - 31, 1810

[24] 3
Clear. mrs Farewel & Dagt Ballard & Elisabeth here to Tea. my Dagt brot me some Chees. mr Ballard been to Son Ephms, got potatoes. my Dagt Sent me 18 Candles. I finisht picking my white [wool]. at home. mrs Farewel & Dagt [Sally] Ballard here.  
25 4
Clear. Jona, his wife & Dagt Pollard Came here, Shee took Part of my wool and yarn home. her Father & I went to Son Jonas to Tea, Came home after Sun Sett. at Son Jonas, Childn been here.  
26 5
Clear foren, heavy Thunder & rain aftern. I have been picking my Black wool. at home.  
27 6
Clear. I have been picking refues wool. Dagt Ballard Sent us a Chees & 1 lb Butr. at home, houghd my Cucumbers.  
28 7
Clear. I have done Some mending, went to Son Jonas; doubled Cottne yarn &C. [Pianus] Pierce Sleeph here, he and Faett last night. at Son Jonas.  
29 1
Clear part of the day, a liitle rain. I have Cookt String Beens & green Peas, been at home. my husband to Son Jonas. mr Allby took his Bierd off. Allin Lambd & Ephm Ballard Sleep here. at home.  
30 2
Cloudy and Some rain. I have done various kinds of wk. Allin Came here aftern, very unwel with A pain in his head. I put Burdocke to his feet, bathd his temples with Camphr. he Seems Easier. Ephm Came & Sleeps with him. mr Ballard been to Son Ephms, brot home 2/1 a hundred of flower which Capt Bastow of Rochester Sent us. at home. Allin here unwel. Son Ephm gave us 2/1 lb Tea.  
31 3
Clear part of the day, Cloudy Evn. I have Sifted our flower & Bakt, it makes fine bread indead. Allin & Ephm Sleep here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.