Martha Ballard's Diary, June 29 - July 3, 1810

[29] 6
X. Birth mr Orocks Dagt. XX.
Clear and warm. I have washt Some wool, my Buttery and other matters. was Calld at 3h pm by mr Orock to See his Lady who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Delivd at 4 of a fine Dagt, her first Child by her present Husband. I left them as wel as Could be Expected and arivd at home at 6, did my work. at mr Orrocks. Birth 10th. receivd 2 Dols as A reward.  
30 7
Clear part of the day. I have Brewd, workt in my gardin &C. I Sent 1 Dol by wm Ballard, he got me pint and half Spiret, 2/1 bl Corn and _ Snuff, [Chand], 11 Cents. Ephm & Jason Peirce Junr Came after we were in Bed and Sleep here. at home. I Brewd &C.  
1 1
Clear. mr Ballard drest and Sett out for meeting, went as far as Son Jonas and returnd not being acomodated hors and Saddle to go. Son Cyrus Came here, Spent Some hours and Sett out for Rome again. Son Ephm Came after meeting, his Famely well. he informd us the Text was PSalm C IIId verss 15 & 16th. at home. Sons Cyrus & Ephm here.  
2 2
Clear. I have washt. Widos Savage, Swanton and Dagt Ballard took Tea with us. Martha, James and Elisabath here. at home, had Company.  
3 3
Clear. mrs Farewel and Elijah Barton Dind with us. Son Jona Sent us [1 dzn] fish & Some pork. Luke Barton Came for an Eye Stone and some hops. mrs Farewel left here after dinner. I finisht washing my wool & workt Some in my gardin. at home. mrs Farewel & Elij Barton here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.