Martha Ballard's Diary, June 22 - 28, 1810

22 6
Clear. Linda Getchel washt Bed Cloaths for me. I paid her 22 Cents. I helpt about my work but am feeble. at [home], Linda helpt.  
23 7
Clear and warm, I have done my hous wk & ironing. mr Ballard busht pees. Ephm hauld 1 twich wood for us. Peter Voces youngest Child Expired, aged 3 years. at [home]. Death P. Voce Child.  
24 1
Clear and warm. mr Ballard is not wel and we did not attend public worship. Son Jonas wife took Tea with us, Wm, Martha & Elisabth were here allso. Ephm & Wilm Sleep here. at [    ].  
25 2
Clear and warm. I have done hous wk and mendd a pair Trousers & transplanted Some Beets, houghd Squash &C. mr Ballard Seems a little better. at [home]. [Funeral] Peter Voces Son.  
26 3
Clear. Son & Dagt Pollard, Dagt Ballard and part of their Childn here. I am informd that mrs Morgin is dead. mr Ballard is So wel as to hough Some in his field. Saml Pollard & Wm Ballard Sleep here. at [home]. Son and Dagt Pollard here.  
27 4
Clear forenn. I have done my hous work but feel feeble. Le faell and Ephm houghd Corn here. at [home]. we were alone ys night.  
28 5
Cloudy. I have done various things, Sett Beets, houghd Squash. Wm & Sarah Ballard Sleep here. at [home].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.