Martha Ballard's Diary, May 4 - 13, 1810

4 6
raind. I have done hous work and knit Some. I have felt very unwel. at home.  
5 7
raind and haild, Sun Shone part of ye day. mrs Chamberlain Dind here. mr Ballard to Son Ephms, got 2/1 bushl Potatoes. at home. Old mrs Chanberln here.  
6 1
Clear part of ye day. Son Jona Calld in here, Says my Childn at Ctinton & Winslow are well. at home.  
7 2
Clear. I have been at home, did hous work & planted Squash Seeds. at home.  
8 3
Clear part of ye day. I went to Son Jonas to See mrs Peirc but Shee was gone home, her Breast Soare. at Son Jonas.  
9 4
Clear. mrs Gill Came here, Son Towns famely wel Except Polly. Shee informd me the widdo Haywood is Sick. at [home]. mrs Gill here.  
10 5
Clear. mrs Gill left here, went to Sons Jona & Ephms. mrs Farewel here, Sleeps here. Capt Bastow from Rochester here at Evng. at home. Capt Bastow here.  
11 6
Clear. mrs Farewel left here. mr Ballard and I went to Lecter. mr Stone deliverd A discoars from Hebrews 13 C 1st vers. we went to Son Ephms after meeting. at Lecter and at Son Ephms.  
12 7
Clear. I have been at home. mrs Smith hr. at [home].  
13 1
Clear and Cold. we attended worship. Revd mr Packard Spake fm 1st Corin 10 C 16th vers forenn and administ the Sacrement. he discoarst aftn fm 2 Thes 2 C 10V. [Puel] Wilmss Child Baptised by the name of Polina Cona Nathan Westons. Daniel Savages hous Consumd by fire. at Meetiing & at Son Ephms. A hous Burnt.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.