Martha Ballard's Diary, April 26 - May 3, 1810

26 5
raind. I have put my Soape in the barril. part done my washing, feel fatagued. mr Ballard ringed ye piggs. at [home].  
27 6
raind, thunder at Evng. I have done various kinds of work, washt kitchin flore & the out hous. at [home].  
28 7
Clear. I have rensed & dried & folded my Cloaths. Bakt, washt Chamber Slairs &C. knit Some but I feel feeble. at [home].  
29 1
Clear day, raind at night. Son Jona Calld in here. at home.  
30 2
rainy. I have been at home makeing Soap and mending Cloaths for mr Ballard and my Self. mrs Smith here, brot me 1 qt Spirit which John Pierce Sent me. Sopha Andrews brot me 1 qt Soap which her mother had borrowed. at [home]. mrs Smith here.  
1 3
Clear. Son Ephm here, had Currint Bushes, Rheubarb and other roots. Warrin Stones wife [&] Shubal WickSons Calld, had gardin Seeds. I have done hous work, dugg parsnips &C. Daniel Woodward paid me 1 Dol and 20 Cents. at home.  
2 4
Clear & windy. I have done hous work, Cut potatoes for planting. A young [man] by the name of [Howa ] left Capt Bastows hors here to be kept till he Calls here for him. at home. Wm Sleeps here. Snowd in ye night.  
3 5
Clear. Wm B. took Current Bushes. I have finisht makeing my Soap. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.