Martha Ballard's Diary, January 4 - 11, 1810

4 5
Cloudy and Some rain. Patty Town and Son Cyrus Came here at Evng. at home, Cyrus Came here.  
5 6
Cloudy, Snowd at night. Son Cyrus went to Hallowell, he gave me 2/1 lb Shushon Tea. Dagt Ballard and mrs Pierce here. at home. part of my Childn here.  
6 7
Cloudy, Snowd some. Cyrus gave us an Allmanach for ye prest yr. Le faett returnd fm Clinton, informs that Son Lambards Famely reacht there Safe for which favour I wish to thank the auther of mercies. at home. Son Cyrus left us bound to Esqr Locks.  
7 1
Cloudy. Hannah Ballard Spent aftern with us. Wilm Sleeps here. at home.  
8 2
X. Birth Wm Babcocks 2nd Dagt. XX.
Clear. I was Calld after 1 hour Pm to See the wife of Wilm Babcock. Shee was Delivd at 3 of her Second Dagt. I tarried all night and next day till Nurs Came. at Wilm Babcocks. Birth 1st. receivd 9s as a reward.  
9 3
Cloudy and Some Snow. I went to mr Nasons Store, got 1-2/1 yds [wild boar] with Son Ephms order of 18[s/]. Left mrs Babcock as wel as Could be expected. at Detoes. Came home near night. Very cold.  
10 4
Cloudy & misty. I have been at home. [ ally] began to make my gound. at home.  
11 5
Clear. I made Sausages. Patty doing my gound. I was Calld at Evng to See mrs Babcock, performd Servises necessary. tarried all night. at mr Babcocks, his wife is not so [   ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.