Martha Ballard's Diary, November 19 - 30, 1809

[19] 1
Snowd. Sally & Dolly went to son Jonas after Breakfast. at home.  
20 2
Clear. Gideon Barton here, very unwel. did not Sitt up but little for ye day. m Porter & Stepn Barton Sleep here. at home. Gidion Barton here.  
21 3
Clear. mr Porter & Stepn to Coart. Gidion tarries here, is better. mrs Pierce here. at home, Gidion here.  
22 4
Clear. Gidion left here ys morn. I have done various kinds wk. at home.  
23 5
Clear. mr Ballard been to Coart, ye Caus given to Jury. I have been makeing apple Sauce. at home. mr Ballard to Coart.  
24 6
A Severe Snow Storm, Cleard of about midnight. Le faett and Ephm Sleep here. at home.  
25 7
Clear. I have finisht makeing my Apple Sauce, am informd ye Jury brot ye Prisoners in not Guilty. may their Conciencies do ye Same. at home. Prisoners acquited. mr Cleark Tapt ys day.  
26 1
Clear part of ye day & more moderate. Son Jona Calld in to see us. at home.  
27 2
Cloudy most of ye day. I have done various kinds wk. Church Williams infant Expired. at home.  
28 3
Snowd. I have done hous wk & knit. Epm & Wm Sleep here. at home.  
29 4
Clear part of ye day. mr Williams Child interd ys aftern. at home. Funeral C. W. Child.  
30 5
Clear. it is Thanksgiving day. my Childn Sent us in pies. Wm Sleeps. at home. Asa Trask Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.