Martha Ballard's Diary, November 8 - 18, 1809

8 4
X. Birth mr Smarts Son. XX.
raind. I was Calld to See mrs Smart who was in Labour. Shee was Delivd at 11h am of A Son, her first born. I returnd home at 3h pm, left her Cleverly. at mr Smarts. Birth 20lh. [  ] receivd 9/.  
9 5
Clear. I have done hous work. at [home].  
10 6
raind part of ye day. I brot my Bed into my kitchen &C. at [home].  
11 7
Clear part of ye day. I have finisht washing & done other lhings. at home.  
12 1
Clear & very Cold. I have flt very unwel. Son Jonas Boys Sleep here. at home.  
13 2
Clear & more Pleast. Ephm Sleeps. at home.  
14 3
Clear part of ye day, Snowd before night &C. at home.  
15 4
Clear part of ye day & Cold. I have put our Cyder into ye Celler &C. at home.  
16 5
Clear. mr Ballard went to hear ye lrial of ye Prisoners, ye Jury were paneild & ajourned. Epm Sleps here. at home.  
17 6
Clear. mrs Pierce & Dagt Ballard here, mr Benn Brown also. mr Ballard brot me 1-2/1 lb Candles for Son Lambard. mr MC Farlin & Wm Sleep here. at home.  
18 7
Clear. Sally Pollard & Dolly Lambard Came & Sleep here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.