Martha Ballard's Diary, September 20 - 26, 1809

20 4
Clear and very warm. mr Balld went to the Dedication of the New Meeting hous. mr Nichols of Portland performd, his Text 1 kings [no entry]. at [home]. done various kinds of work.  
21 5
Clear and warm. I have done hous work and various kinds of work. mr Ballard Cuting Stalks. at home.  
22 6
[Cloudy] till about noon then Clear. I have Scolt my pickles, washt the Buttery & kitchen, Sheld mustard and done my hous wk. mr Ballard Cutt Stalks. it is muster day, they peraded at the forks of ye roads. at home, did various kinds of work.  
23 7
Cloudy the most of the day. I have done Some washing. Rhoda Pollarr Calld here. at home.  
24 1
Clear the most of the day. Dagt Ballard, Marta, James & [E abh] here. Son Ephm Calld Dolly, Wm, Henry & Barny here. Dolly and Sally Ballard Sleep here. mr Balld been watching his field to keep the Cattle out. at home. Childn & grand Childn here.  
25 2
Cloudy foren. Dolly & Sally went away after Breakfast. I have done hous work & harvested Some Beens. mr Ballard mending fence by ye Corn. at home. mrs Farewel Calld here.  
26 3
Clear. I have gatherd in [gardin] Matters. mr Ballard mending fence, Lefaett & Ephm helpt him. at home. Son Jona here, he came home last [night].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.