Martha Ballard's Diary, September 16 - 19, 1809

16 7
Birth Wm Stones 4th Dagt and 10th Child.
raind part of the day. I was Calld at 5h 30m ys morn to go and See the wife of Wm Stone who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld about 10 of her 4th Daught and 10 Child. I tarried to See her made Comfortable. Calld to See mrs Cleark, find her not able to Sett up. arivd home at 1h pm, did various kinds of work &C. mr Ballard to Son Ephms. I am informd that Elijah Barton & 7 others are in Jail on acount of Chaddocks Death. O my Dear Sister, how I feel for her. at Wm Slones and Saml Clearks. Birth 12th. receivda Chees, wd 7 lb octr 7 lb 11 oz.  
17 1
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard to meeting. Text foren John 20th, aftern Revd mr Buckminster of Boston performd Text 42 psalm 2nd vers. the Wido Pierce & Dagt Ballard, Sally, James & Elisabeth Dind here. mrs Hall Calld in ys aftern. Luke Barton Came in allso. at home, do not feel very well. mrs Pierce here.  
18 2
Clear. I was Calld at 3h morn to See John Wals wife who is unwel. at mrs Wals all day, feel feeble.  
19 3
X. Birth John Wals 3d Child & 1st Son. XX.
Clear and warm. mrs Wals illness Came on Early ys morn. Shee was after A hard Labour Safe Delivd about 12 of her first Son and 3d Child. I left her Comfortable and reacht at 2h pm. the inft wd 10_ lb. at Ditoes. Birth 13th. receivd 9 qts Molases Oct 18th as reward.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.