Martha Ballard's Diary, August 24 - 27, 1809

24 5
rainy. Hannah Ballard was with me foren. I have piqut a little wool. my Side is very painful yet. I am informd that Old mr [Nat] Tylor and Saml Bond Expired last night. may we all be prepared to take our departure fm Time to Eternity. I am informd that mr Heartwel of Hallowell Expired this [morn]. at home, feel but feeble. heard of ye Death of Old mr Tylor & Saml Bond.  
25 6
rainy Part of ye day. Hannah Came and tarried with me ys day, mrs Emry Came allso, Spent aftern. mr Ballard to mr Nasons, had mr Bracketts order answered. at home, mrs Emry [here].  
26 7
Cloudy the most of ye day. mr Ballard attended the funeral of Saml Bond, he was interd [       ]. [I] Have been at home, done the business of my hous, washt my North room & kitchen. at [home]. Funa of mr Bond & mr Heartwel.  
27 1
rainy from 10h morn. mr Ballard to meeting. mr Norton Spake fm Luke 6 C 12 vers, aftern fm Mat 23 C 23d vers. Son Jona, his wife & Salley Supt with us. Sally helpt me [ys] aftern. at home. I feel feeble. Luke Barton & Jona [Junr] Sleep [here].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.