Martha Ballard's Diary, August 18 - 23, 1809

[18] [6]
Clear. I have washt and done my hous wk, gatherd Some Currents &C. mr Ballard went to ye Settlemt, Carried Bushl String Beens & 10th Cucumbers, he 2 qts Vinagar for ye Cucumbers. at home, washt.  
19 7
Clear. I have done my ironing & other hous wk. mrs Farewel Dind here. I went with her to Son Jonas and Shee went to mr Bennits. mr Ballard Came to Jonas, we all took Tea there. at Son Jonas with mrs Farewel.  
20 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. Text forn Mat 6 C 20 vs, aftn Jobe 22 C 21 vers. Son Jona, his wife, Hannah and James took Tea with us after meeting. at home. Childn & gn Childn here.  
21 2
Clear till 6h pm when we had a Shower with Thunder. I have [washt] my Chambers and kitchen. I Slipt on the door Stone and my right Side Struk ye Sill and hurt me much. I applied Camphir and Baise to it. at home, washt Chamber & kitchen. I slipt down, hurt me.  
22 3
Clear. I have been in great pain in my Side. Hannah Came and and [sic] helpt me. Shee Bakt. her Marn Came and took Tea. Linda Getchel & H. Ballard Slept here. at home. Hannah helpt me.  
23 4
Clear. I have been very lamb in my Side. Procured a Plaster which Seems to reliev me. [Hhanh] here to do my wk, her Marm, Marta & James here, took Tea. I had 1 qt Brandy at mr Nasons and Some [Diacalon] of Doct Ellis. at home, very unwel. mr Ballard to [Hallowell].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.