Martha Ballard's Diary, August 1 - 5, 1809

1 3
Clear. I have done a larg wash and other matters. mrs Emry Came here, took Tea, Dolly & Lucy Lambard, Sally & Martha Bald also. Jon a Junr wrode hors for his gn Daddy to plough our Corn. at home. mrs Emry here and 6 of my Grand Childn.  
2 4
Clear & warm. mrs Burbank and Sarah Farewel here for Currents. mrs B. gave me 1/6d. Son Jona, his wife, Sally, Marta & Lucy Lambd took Tea. Sister Barlon Came, her hors Slipt his Bridle and went away. Shee & I went to Jonas. Lefaett, Linda & Hannah Came with us & found him. at home. Son Jona & wife here, Sist Barton allso. informd of ye Death of a mrs Robbins.  
3 5
Clear. Sister Barton & I went to Son Jonas. mr Ballard Came there & took Tea. Nathaniel Tytars wife fell from a hors and broke her thigh. at Son Jonas. mrs Tylar broke her thigh.  
4 6
Clear. I have workt Some in the Gardin & done hous wk. mr Ballard houghing. Sist Barton left here at 9h am to go to Dagt Lambds. Dagt Ballard and mrss Saunders here to Tea, Sally & James allso. at home, had Company. Lefaett took our Calf away.  
5 7
Clear part of ye day, Thunder and rain aft 3h pm. I have done hous wk and wed gardin. mr Ballard finisht houghing his Corn ye 3d time. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.