Martha Ballard's Diary, July 16 - 21, 1809

[16] 1
Clear & warm. mr Ballard to Meeting. Revd mr Stones text 2nd Peter 3 C 14th vers. Sons Town, Jona and their wives Calld foren to See me. Hannah helpt me part of ye day. Son Town & wife went to Son Pollards aftern, go home tomorrow if providence permit. at home. Son Town & his wife here [foren].  
17 2
the Sun rose Clear and it immediately became Cloudy and So remaind all day. I have done a little washing, Some Wk in my Gardin &C, but feel feeble. Son Jonas wife Came in to See me, took Tea; James with her. at home. Dagt Balld Calld here a little while. Wm Sleeps here.  
18 3
raind all night and ye most of ye day. I have felt very unwel all day. mr Ballard houghd Corn when it held up. at home, very feeble.  
19 4
Cloudy, it began to rain at 4h pm. mr Ballard ploughd & houghd Corn till it began to rain. I have done a little about my washing. Allin Lambd here, Says the Babe is very Sick. I feel for but am not able to help them. [Ranus] and Wm Sleep here. at home, washt Some.  
20 5
Cloudy all day, raind part of it. mr Ballard went to Dagt Lambds to See ye Babe, finds it quite unwel. I have finisht ye wash I began last weak. at home. Wm Sleeps here. I have washt today.  
21 6
Cloudy and Some rain. I did my ironing, was Calld at 6h pm to go to mr Mc farlings, reacht there at Sunsett. at mr mc farlings.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.