Martha Ballard's Diary, June 10 - 13, 1809

10 7
Cloudy. I have done my hous wk but feel feeble. mr Katons Oldest Daugt dind here, her Mother is Cleverly. mr Ballard to Son Ephms, Carried Some greens. he gave us 12_ lb pork; it is a Leg, & 5 lb Beef; a great favour. Dagt Lambd Lent us 4_ lb rie & 5 lb indien meal. 19th inst I Sent the meal home. at home. mr Balld bot me 1 oz Snuff. they had a great day down at ye Settlement on ye removal of the imbargo.  
11 1
Cloudy & misty. mr Ballard to meeting. Revd mr Stone discoarst fm Luke X C 41 & 42nt verses. Son Jona and wife Calld in to See me. Barny Lambd, Wm, Martha & James here after Meeting. Son Eph, his wife & Dagt & Dagt Lambd went to Son Pollards. at home. Son Jona & wife Calld in, they Sent me 10 oz Butter ys morn.  
12 2
Cloudy till the 11h am when the Sun Shone, Clear aftern. Allin Lambd Came to work at Eleven. Seemed very unwel, went to Bed and lay till 4 pm then look a dish of Tea. helpt his grand father ye rest of ye day. he & Wm B. Sleep here. I have Cutt potatoes to plant. at home. Allin helpt us part of ys day.  
13 3
Clear. Allin Lambd workt foren. I have Cut potatoes, done hous wk, killd Bugs on my vines &C. mr Ballard fiXing ground for potatoes. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.