Martha Ballard's Diary, May 26 - 30, 1809

26 6
Clear, Cool & windy. I have done hous wk and workt in my gardin. planted Crambury, Brown & hundred to one beens South of ye hous. Jona Ballard Junr Sleeps here. at home, Planted Beens.  
27 7
Clear and windy. I have transplanted Cucumbers and done other work in my gardin. mr Ballard to Hallowell. Calld at Dagt Lambards, brot 6 lb _ veal fm her. Le faett ploughd ye S end of our field. at home, Brewd & workt in gardn
28 1
Birth Son Pollards 9 Child, Daugt ye 6th.
Clear part of the day. I was Calld by Son Pollard at 2h 30m ys morn to go and See his wife. we reacht there before 5 and my Dagt was Deld at 6 of a fine Daught, her ninth Child, and is Comfortable. the Babe wd 11 pounds. Sally Cleark & Preuda Snow Came at Evng, there all night. at Son Pollards. Birth 5th.  
29 2
raind. my Daugt & inft Comfortable. Pruda helpt wash, Sally assisted. Shee tarried all night, all Cleverly. Son Pollard went to Watervill. at [Ditoes].  
30 3
Clear part of ye day. I got my Dagt up, Chand her Lining &C and left her at 8. reacht home at 11 am, find my hous any person in it. dagt Pollard gave me Cake & 2_ lb pork. I went to Son Jonas, Carried herbs & other matters for Pally Town to Carrie to Daugt Pollard. Sett Squash plants East Side ye Gardin. at Ditoes and Son Jonas.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.