Martha Ballard's Diary, May 7 - 10, 1809

7 1
X. Birth mr Pipers Son & 5th Child. XX.
Clear part of the day. I was Calld from Son Ephms to mr Pipers Early ys morn, his wife in Labour. She was Deld of a Son, her 5th Child at 12 O Clock. we took dinner & I left them, went to Daugt Lambds; tarri all night. Henry had a very Sick night. I did not undres but Slept Some. Sophia Gill Slept there. my dagt been to See mrss Mosier, finds her very Sick. at Son Ephms. mr Pipers & dagt Lambards. Birth 3d. receivd 9s at Babcock24 inst.  
8 2
rainy. I was at dagt Lambds forin, had a hors brot and went home. Calldd [at] Son Jonas, took Tea, mr Ballard allso. Epm & Wm Slept here. Jack Came after we were in bed, Slept here. at Dagt Lambds, Son Jonas & mr Pipers.  
9 3
Clear part of ye day. I have Sett Turnips & Cabbage Stumps. Dagt Ballard here. her Son Jona Came & informd he had Shipt for Liverpoole, Setts out to morrow. Sophia Gill & Dolly Lambard Sleep here. at home, workt in Gardin. Sophia & Dolly Sleep here.  
10 4
Cloudy the most of ye day. I have done hous wk, planted Cucumbers & three kinds Squash. removd Banking fm the hous &C, knit Some. mrs Emry to See me. the girls left here ys morn. mrs Emry, two of Wilm Stones dts, had gardin Seeds of me. mr Ballard workt at Son Jonas, Jack Sett out for Sea. at home. mrs Emry here. the girls went home after breakfast. Jona Ballard Sett out to go to Sea.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.