Martha Ballard's Diary, April 1 - 5, 1809

1 7
[Birth Son Jonas 11th Child, th Daugt].
Clear and pleast. I have done hs wk and knit. Barny Lambd here, mr Ballard to ye Settlement. brot home 2 lb Sugar, _ do Tea, 1 qt Spirit. I was Calld at 6h pm to Son Jonas, his wife being in Labour. we Calld mrs Bennet & Smith and Shee was Deld at 10h 30m of a Daught that wd 9_ lb. I tarried all night. Son Jona has been in Jail, Came home about 9h Evng. at Sone Jonas. Birth 1st.  
2 1
Clear & warm. I have been at my Sons till 7h Evn. James is very unwel. my Dagt Comfortable. Son Ephm, his wife & Sophia, Patty Town, H. & S. Pollard Came there. Patty tarries and there ys night, the others went home. mr Ballard to meeting. at ditoes. hear mrss Wiman is very Sick.  
3 2
Clear & warm. I was Calld to Son Jonas between 3 & 4 morn to See James who was in a fitt. we administd a Clister which gave Some relief. Doct Ellis was Calld, approvd of whad we had done. he left Senna & manna & drops. I left him at dusk much revived. mrs Baudin there. at Ditoes. James has had a fitt. mrss Wiman is very low. Jona Junr Sleeps here.  
4 3
Clear & warm. I went ys aftern to See James, he is very unwel yet. Calld to See mrss Wiman, find her very low. at Diloes & at mr Wimans. S. & W. Sleep here.  
5 4
Cloudy. mr Woodward here, made us A present of a Chees, wd 9 [lb]. Patty Town brot James here, he is much better. I have Bakt wheat & bn bread. mr Ballard bot 2 lb Butr. L. & E. Ballard Sleep here. at home. mr Woodd here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.