Martha Ballard's Diary, March 26 - 31, 1809

26 1
Snowd fore n, Cloudy aftn. mr Ballard to meeting. mrss Trask, Linda Getchel & Sally Ballard here. Revd mr Stones text forenn C 1 PSalm 1st vers. Revd mr Gillit performd aftern, text James IV C 14th V. the interment of mrss Kidder of Watervil from her Father Crosbys afler meeting. Son Jona Came home from ["Cro " - implied]. Son Jonas hors & Sleigh fell thro the ice at [Cro ].  
27 2
Snowd foren, Sun Sett Clear; it is very Cold. I have done hous wk [&] knitt. Jona Sleeps here. Ephm & Wilm here last night. at home.  
28 3
Clear & Cold. I have finisht kniting Jona B. Junrs hoes & done hous wk. Son Jona took Dinner with us. mr Ballard went to See mrss Wiman, finds her very Sick. at home.  
29 4
Clear foren, Snowd at 2 pm, Clear at night but Cold. I went to See mrs Wiman, find Shee is wasting. Jona Junr Sleeps. I have washt Some wheat & My kitchen floore &C. at mr Wimans.  
30 5
Clear. Son Jona brot his wife & James here at 2h pm. Lefaett and Wilm Came to Sleep here. Jona & wife went home after 10. I have done hous wk & knit Some. at home. Son Jonas wife here. Son Ephm has Seene 30 years ys day.  
31 6
Clear part of ye day. I have done hous work & knitt Some. Dagt Ballard Sent me 6 oz Butter, Some Sugar & Buttermilk. Le faett & Wm Sleep here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.