Martha Ballard's Diary, March 6 - 12, 1809

6 2
Clear and Colder. mr Ballard to Town meeting. I have done various Sorts wk. Dolly & Lucy Lambd came here aftern, Sleep here. at home. Dolly & Lucy Sleep here.  
7 3
Clear & Cold. I have Bakt brown Bread, mins, Apple & Pumpkin pies. Doly & Lucy went after Breakfast to Son Jonas. Lucy relurnd, Sally and Martha with her; all Sleep here. Le faett brot us wood, took Tea. at home. 3 grand Dagts Sleep here.  
8 4
Snowd Some & raind Some. mr Bullin & wife Dind here. Son Town, Polly, Patty & Ephm Supt & Sleep here. Jona Balld Junr brot wood. I have done hous wk & knitt Some. at home. Sally, [Mta], & Lucy lefthere after Breakfast, other friends Came here.  
9 5
Clear & windy. Son Town & his Childn left here after Breakfast to go to Son Ephms. Judg Cony and Capt Seth Williams Calld in to See us. Sally, M and Lucy L here, brot me 3 lb _ of drie fish. I have Bakt Some Pumpkin Pies and knit, Finisht footing mr Ballards Stockins. at home. Judg Cony & Capt Williams here. Le faett & Saml Getchel Sleep here.  
10 6
Clear, Cold & windy. I have done my washing, hous work &C, feel falagued. Esqr Tods hous & Barn Burnt at 1 O Clock. at home, washt. Tibbits Sleeps here.]  
11 7
Clear and Cold. I have done hous wk & Some Mending. Pally Town & Rhoda Pollard Calld here. John Arnold after ashes for Son Ephm. Lefaett & ranus Pierce Sleep here. at home, heard that Esqr Tods Buildings were Burnt.  
12 1
Clear and not so Cold. mr Balld to [mt], Text fm Deut 32,[48]; aft psm 84, 12. Son Epm, his wife & Dagt here at Evng. Elisabeth here. at home. Son Epm & wife & Sopha here after meeting.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.