Martha Ballard's Diary, February 19 - 26, 1809

[19] 1
Clear and very windy, Snowd the last of last night and it blowd very much. Lefaett & Ephm Slept here. we did not go to meeting. at home.  
20 2
Clear. Dagts Pollard & Ballard & Polly Town Dind here. Son Pold Came and Conducted his wife & Babe home. I have Seen 74 years this day, may ye remainder of my life be Spent as becometh a Christian and Close in [peice]. at home. Dagls Balld & Polld here. aniversary of my Birth, 74th
21 3
Clear part of ye day. I have done hs wk & knit, finisht Cyruss hoes & began a Mittin for him and mended my gown. at home.  
22 4
Snowd forenn, Clear aftern. I have mended mr Battard a pair Breeches & knit on a mitt. Polly helpt do the hous work &C. at home. Funeral mr Churchel.  
23 5
Clear part of ye day, Snowd a little aftern. I have been to See mrss Wiman, find her very low. James Purington took Tea there with us. Polly has done my washing & washt my North room. at mr Wimans. Polly washt.  
24 6
Clear. Polly did Some ironing. Allin Lambd Came and Conducted Polly Town to their house. mrs Farewel Came here. I have finisht Cyruss mitts. at home. Polly left here. mrs [Farewel] Came.  
25 7
Snowd. mrs Farewl here. I began a [net] and Did hous wk. at home.  
26 1
Clear and very Pleast. mr Balld to meeting. Son Ephm brot him home. Revd mr Stone Discst fm Acts 26th 18th vers, aftn Romans 14th C 18 vers. Elisabeth here. at home. mrs [Farewel] went to Son Jonas.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.